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More about Chinese Medicine

In the Yellow Emperor's Internal Medicine, it's written that treating the body after illness has occurred is like digging a well when one is already thirsty and parched. The foundation of Chinese Medicine is the belief that humans are integral parts of nature, subject to its cycles and changes. Thus, personalized treatment is based on individual tendencies, life stage, and seasonal influences

Chinese Medicine originated in China thousands of years ago, alongside the development of Chinese philosophy and culture. My approach includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, movement, and touch, with a focus on disease prevention, healthy lifestyle habits and healthy living

My Specializations

Treating Children

When I work with children, I use acupuncture, nutrition, herbal medicine, and aromatherapy to strengthen their healing abilities. I focus on helping children become healthy adults by encouraging them harness their own healing powers during illness. I also work with their families to support them in this process. I believe that children who naturally face illnesses become strong adults who take responsibility for their health and lives

Treatment cost - 250₪

Treating Women

In the early stages of my clinic work, I understood that a woman’s unique physiology and hormonal rhythms requires personalized treatment that is in accordance with their life stage. My clinical practice includes treating women for fertility issues, pregnancy, endometriosis, PCOS, hormonal balance, and menopause

Treatment cost - 350₪

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?How is the treatment delivered

Acupuncture uses fine, single-use, sterile needles inserted into acupuncture points scattered across the body. The procedure is gentle, painless and lasts for 20 minutes

?What is Moxa

Moxa is a therapeutic tool made from dried and pulverized mugwort, often shaped into cigars. Moxa reinforces acupuncture by warming acupuncture points and specific areas on the body

?What else does the treatment include

In addition to acupuncture and moxa, I incorporate nutritional counseling, herbal medicine, oils, Bach flower remedies, and lifestyle guidance based on individual needs

Chinese Medicine is a wonderful therapeutic approach that harnesses the individual's self-healing powers, strengthening them towards optimal health

How Does the Treatment Work

The treatment addresses acute and chronic issues holistically and is suitable for a wide range of conditions 

?For which problems can treatment be effective

My method of acupuncture is effective for a host of conditions, including: immune system problems, digestive problems, anxiety and stress, fibromyalgia, facial paralysis, ear inflammation, herpes, skin issues, blood pressure, diabetes, childhood diseases, women's health, and more

?How is a diagnosis conducted

My method of diagnosis uses observation, conversation, touch, and smell, combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic tools, such as pulse diagnosis, tongue examination, abdominal palpation, and selective touch

?How long does each treatment session last

A treatment session lasts about 45 minutes with about 20 minutes dedicated to treatment with acupuncture needles for adults. This time is reduced for children

?How often are the sessions scheduled

The frequency of sessions is determined individually during the first treatment. Some patients visit once a week, biweekly, or every three weeks, while many come for maintenance treatments once every month or two

?Where do the treatments take place

:I work out of two clinics

In Srigim on Sunday afternoon, Monday and Thursday mornings

In Givatayim on Tuesday between 12-18 and Wednesday between 8-14

?What is the cost of the treatments

Adult treatment cost - 350₪

Children's treatment cost - 250₪

Adolescent treatment cost - 270₪

More About the Treatment

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Chinese Medicine

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