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Efrat Abramson 

Chinese Medicine, Health Coach, Consultant and trainer

From birth to old age, and at every stage throughout life, Chinese Medicine helps achieve balance, healing, pain relief, relaxation and well-being. In our fast-paced technological era, Chinese Medicine stands for its tailored approach that holistically addresses the needs of individuals in the context of their lives. It addresses acute and chronic conditions, emphasizing healthy lifestyle changes

Drawing from a tradition that spans thousands of years, Chinese Medicine holistically balances, supports and strengthens the body, leading to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle

Chinese Medicine for the Whole Family


After over twenty five years in the profession, I can attest to the value of mentoring and personal guidance. In my Practitioner Mentoring Program, I offer professional and personal support to new and experienced practitioners of acupuncture. I look forward to working with you to help you grow and thrive in your professional practice, including helping you with: clinical and professional dilemmas, review of difficult cases, burnout issues, insecurity, self care and rejuvenation

Even in a thriving clinic, successful practitioners may have feelings of insecurity, loneliness and doubt, resulting in fatigue and burnout

Practitioner Mentoring Program

The years leading up to and following menopause are characterized by unique changes for women. Experiences range from menstruation irregularities to premenopausal symptoms, bloating, hot flashes, sleep disturbances, mood changes and more. Together, we will identify the different symptoms, the level of disruption they are causing and discuss ways to manage and address them based on your unique needs and life circumstance

Supporting Women Coping with Menopause and its After-Effects

The Age of Menopause

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אפרת אברמסון רפואה סינית ייעוץ בריאות גיל המעבר ילדים

Nice to meet you

Practicing Chinese Medicine since 1995 has allowed me to support patients in their healing processes throughout their life span, from conception and birth through to adulthood, old age, and in the transition time when the soul exits the body

Chinese Medicine is intrinsically connected to nature, the seasons, and the ever-changing rhythms of life. My work in this field has not only afforded me the opportunity to help heal others, but also to continue to develop, learn, and heal myself

My specialization lies in treating women and children. I particularly enjoy working with several generations of the same family, where I get to accompany them throughout their life journey, development and transitions. Through this work I have developed a deep understanding of family dynamics and their energetic tendencies

My Blog

Yael Hedaya

Efrat has been accompanying me and my family for the last 15 years. She has been treating me and my children since they were very young and helped us with a wide range of issues. Today, my daughters and I visit her regularly for maintenance treatments both for body and soul. Efrat is one of the most professional and experienced practitioners in the country, and beyond that: she is one of the most wonderful, empathetic, and intuitive people I have ever met. Sometimes, I feel like she knows us better than we know ourselves

Cecil Balilius

Efrat has been with me and my family for two decades. We visit her for ongoing treatments and when medical challenges arise, from the adults in the family to the youngest ones. She is an amazing practitioner who always knows how to listen with sensitivity and love and provide the right and appropriate treatment which shows results over and over again. There are no words to express our gratitude for Efrat's support in everything related to our family's health. I recommend her to everyone, of all ages and in all situations

Rona Yitzhaki

Efrat has been accompanying us as a family for nearly twenty years. All four family members had been and still are under her care at different times, and I see her regularly for both body and soul. She is a serious, experienced, knowledgeable practitioner who is always in dialogue and attentive to the patient. She is wonderful with children of all ages, including teenagers

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