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On Acupuncture for Children

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

The treatment of children in Chinese medicine is an effective and simple therapeutic tool which allows the child to develop and grow naturally without unnecessary medical interventions. Children can be treated with Acupuncture from the moment of birth (and even before) for various conditions.

The approach to the treatment of children is slightly different from adults and is adjusted to the child's age, temperament, and developmental stage.

In the first few years of their lives, children develop their immune system, which will serve and support them throughout adulthood. Therefore, it is important for the immune system to develop, while allowing the child to get sick and experience illness. Children need illnesses in order to develop and strengthen their immune system. Chinese Medicine treatments enable the child to cope naturally with an illness while using their own resources, and with minimal medical intervention.

Acupuncture treatments focus primarily on strengthening the child's immune system, enabling them to cope with various diseases they get exposed to during childhood. Children can be treated with Acupuncture both in acute and chronic conditions as well as a preventative care in cases of recurring and frequent diseases.

Acupuncture in children is performed using thin, delicate, sterile, and disposable needles. The duration of the treatment is short and depends on the child's age and their response to the treatment. The acupuncture itself is not painful, although most children feel the needle's penetration and the flow of energy released in the body. At times, they cry due to an unfamiliar sensation but we are not alarmed by their tears as they also serve as a diagnostic tool. Children who strongly sense the flow of energy in their bodies are more resilient and cope better with diseases.

Children can be treated for a wide range of issues, from more common viral and bacterial diseases encountered in kindergarden and school, such as ear infections, pneumonia, bronchitis, eye infections, abdominal pain, intestinal worms, to various other problems like sleeping problems, nightmares and night terrors, skin issues like atopic dermatitis, blocked tear ducts, and more. Chinese medicine treatments allow children to develop and fulfill their inherent potential. Therefore, it is highly effective in cases of various developmental issues—physical, motor, mental, and emotional. Thus, treatment is also suitable for cases of restlessness, attention deficit disorders, growth delays, speech issues, and more.

Chinese medicine treatment for children includes nutritional counseling, the use of healing herbs, and various recommendations for parents, such as massages and baths. There is great emphasis on the parent's ability to provide basic care to the child at home using natural remedies known in ancient cultures for many years.

I believe in collaboration with the medical establishment, which can provide accurate diagnosis like blood tests, urine tests, stool tests, ear and lung examinations, etc. and also medical treatments when required.

In most cases, children can be treated without medications, with simple acupuncture treatment and herbs providing them the ability to grow and become a healthy and independent grownup.

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