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Mentoring For Therapists

More About My Practitioner Mentoring Program

After many years in the profession, I understand the value of personal guidance from an experienced practitioner. In my sessions, I offer tailored professional and personal support on the topics that are of interest to you

The mentoring and guidance is suitable for both young and experienced practitioners. The sessions provide you the opportunity to share clinical dilemmas, challenging cases, and professional uncertainties, as well as grapple with issues of burnout, insecurity, and the need for rejuvenation

?How Does the Mentoring Work

Group Mentoring and Guidance 

Group meetings are intended for groups of four-five therapist

Meeting duration 2 hours

Price - 200₪ per participant

Tailored Practitioner Mentoring  and Guidance

A one-time intensive allows for focused discussion on topics that are of interest to you, such as your choice of specialization, ongoing learning opportunities, or questions about a particular case

Meeting duration 1.5 hours

Price - 600₪ (including VAT)


The process includes bi-weekly meetings, enabling me to accompany you at the clinic over a period of time providing ongoing support and collaboration on specific cases and situations emerging in the clinic

Meeting duration 50 minutes

Price - 400₪ (including VAT)

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?What happens in Mentoring and Guidance Sessions

The group settings provide a safe space for sharing what happens in your clinic on a day-to-day basis. Together, we'll explore your strengths in the clinic and where you need support and guidance. We'll go over cases, questioning, diagnosis, treatment strategies and the treatments themselves, as well as the practitioner-client relationships. This is the place to consult and share the questions and challenges that arise from interactions with patients

:Link to my courses

"Stems and Branches" - Core lessons

:Link to my courses

"Five Buds"

Courses and Ongoing Studies for Therapists

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