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When I completed my studies, I was already a mother to Yotam, who was one-year-old son, and naturally I continued to specialise in treating children since I wanted to know how to treat him when he got sick. As children began coming for treatments, I identified that in order for the child to heal, his parents needed care too. Thus, I found myself specialising in women's health. In the clinic, I often get to meet a few generations of the same family and It's fascinating to observe the family's dynamics over the generations, allowing me a broad understanding and insight into the family

Immediately after completing my studies, I was asked to start teaching, and since then, alongside the clinic, I have been teaching various postgraduate courses to train practitioners in different specialties, Women’s Health, Pediatrics, and the "Stems and

Branches“- Ancient Chinese Medicine

I continue to learn throughout the years, not just in Chinese medicine but in different and vast methods of practice. The courses and studies I've participated in enrich my toolbox in the clinic, allowing me a deeper and broader understanding of the individual, their strengths and challenges they face throughout life


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Nice to Meet You

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The clinic

Over the years, my clinic is always organised and designed so it feels warm and pleasant for all the visitors. I believe that healing begins long before the actual meeting itself, In a calm atmosphere, in an empathetic and safe environment

I've studied various methods and practices over the years, and even though my official profession is a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, in practice, during the session itself, I integrate all the therapeutic tools I've learned over the years and use them according to the needs that arise during the meeting, tailored individually for each patient

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